Marko Mitic

Visual Artist

Marko Mitic grew up in Belgrade, Serbia. Throughout his childhood, he was playing with paint and sculpting materials since his parents are artists too.
At the age of twelve, he started taking private courses in drawing and painting and continued his education first at the Belgrade High School for Graphic Design
and then at Ontario College of Art when he moved to Toronto, Canada in 1990.
Since finishing his art education, Marko is even more artistically active in many mediums
Including Oil and Acrylic Painting, Digital Painting, Sculpture in Stone and Metal, Ceramics, Photography and Mixed Media.
“I create each one of my art pieces totally spontaneously and having lot’s of fun while doing it. I know that I will never stop making art.” Marko says.
Marko Mitic had close to fifty art exhibitions so far and is selling his originals and limited editions in several stores in Toronto and through his

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